#wipinthewindow shows rough ideas and work in development and aims to shift the emphasis from the ‘end product’ by giving a stage to the process behind the work.

IMG_0845Buoyancy – a work in progress is a temporary installation that brings together the colours, textures and shapes of my work to date. On display are fashion sketches, quilted and hand knitted ‘buoyant’ forms and an A/W 2018 colour palette for a micro collection of accessories.

#wipinthewindow is a fantastic opportunity to share with the public unfinished work with rough edges and to expose what is to me, the most vital part of my practice; play. As a maker of things, putting together this mini installation has been a lot of fun but also an extremely valuable project. It has helped me to rationalise ideas that have been in development for the last eighteen months, and has determined which ideas I will take forward and which ones to park. On a personal level, it’s also a big hurdle in terms of self confidence and the process of selecting ‘unfinished’ ideas to exhibit has affirmed that the process is just as, if not more important to me than the finished article.

Beyond the window is my studio……….I look forward to hearing what you think 😉







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