Meet Lauren Griffiths, the brains behind Shop Small, a curated pop-up that champions independent designer/makers. Lauren’s latest pop-up will take place this December and is the ideal place to find quality, one-off gifts with an ethical emphasis. I asked Lauren a few questions about the event and the ethos behind it.

How would you describe who you are and what you do?
I am a Designer/Maker/Goldsmith, and make fine jewellery with a minimalist aesthetic. Each piece is made to order with mindfulness & attention to detail to ensure timeless designs are made with longevity in mind. I am a Fairtrade certified jeweller which is really important to my whole ethos as a maker. All the materials for my designs are responsibly sourced.
What does ‘shop small’ mean to you?
The current shifting economic climate has placed pressure upon artists & makers. This financial uncertainty coupled with the stresses of managing commitments, can have a strong impact upon passion, focus & creativity. Shop Small is here to celebrate both those who create handmade goods alongside people who seek out the handmade and for whom it’s important to buy carefully and responsibly. 
What qualities are you looking for when you curate the work for your pop-ups?
Innovative designs, made with attention to detail. I want to ensure I am exhibiting work that’s been developed into a brand which will ensure longevity for the customer. If I am to curate a minimalist store, each item must be showcasing the best high end talent. This doesn’t mean everything in store is of high value the market audience can enjoy a selection of pieces ranging from as little as £10-£350. I have intentionally curated for a wide audience, making quality and craftsmanship accessible to all. Once the audience has had the experience of shopping with Shop Small the intention is for them to seek more independent brands & appreciate the narrative behind each product they purchase.
What are the benefits of a ‘shop small pop-up’ for you and for the makers that take part?
For me, it’s pure joy to curate a space with beautiful objects. I love to meet like minded creatives and make connections. Being a jeweller can be quite a solitary experience and it’s heathy to look up and communicate with others and explore. Shop Small is a not-for-profit event and a very small percentage is taken upon any sale to cover the cost of running the event. I believe that sales should go directly to the makers to support their businesses. Artists & makers participating in my previous events have gone on to connect with each other, sharing information from within their practices. We have seen makers collaborating and joining forces to embark on events worldwide. 



Little Joy Jewellery
Studio 3A, The Ark, Embankment Road, Bembridge, Isle of Wight, UK, PO35 5NR